Strings Story

Emily, a beautiful young lady, has a small bookstore in the town. She loves to read story books and that’s the reason of owning a bookstore as profession to follow her passion. She used to read every kind of story books but now a days she is almost in love with the story of the author named Oliver Doyle.

Emily couldn’t make time for reading today as it was quite busy day. Still almost an hour to go to close the store. It has been a long period that no new collection of  Oliver Doyle is published. So, Emily take an old book of Oliver as and started to read. Few minutes later a man come and said ” Hi, I need some help madam”.

Emily don’t response as she is lost in that story she was reading.

The young man asked again louder. This time Emily got the sound…

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Strings Story

Its more than 20 years we don’t see each other. Last time I saw her in a white gown with a lovely smile in her face. I was just staring her and dreamt how nice it would be if I was her man with that black suit. No, I never proposed her neither the feelings came before that day though we were classmates since the high school days. But that the day I was literally repent myself and that night I experienced something different which was never happened to me. Yes, I sobbed like a child. It took few days to become normal. But she quietly placed herself very deep somewhere in my heart. Since I never contact her neither she did.

Everything is happening now absolutely fine until a mail from her. Yes she did a mail today and requested me to be there in City Cafe at 5…

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